Alpine Design

in your home

To us, home is not just the current place of residence. It is a place where you do not have to pretend, where you are welcome just the way you are; a place where the soul is at home.
At J Grabner it‘s also a sense of „togetherness“ - as different as we are as individuals, we share the enthusiasm for nature in all its individual facets.

This love of nature also refers to our roots, which lie in the beautiful Austrian region „Salzkammergut“. Inspired by this magnificent lake region, we named the „Salzkammergut Oak“ after it and call the various oak varieties according to their unique lakes: ALTAUSSEE, ATTERSEE, MONDSEE and WOLFGANGSEE.

Now we introduce these beauties to you and your project, refined as a wallcovering that makes every room something special. Please meet: The ALPINEBOARD.